90-Minute Ayurvedic Consultation

You may have heard about Ayurveda and even taken a few online quizzes but still not to sure what it's all about. This is an excellent place to start. During this 90-minute consultation, we will have an in-depth chat about your health, your concerns, your symptoms and how they’re affecting your life, all within the comfort of your own home.


During Your Consultation You Will Discover:

  • your natural body constitution (prakriti)

  • current imbalances in your body (vrikriti)

  • how to eat for your mind/body type 

  • foods to favor and avoid

  • meditations & pranayama that are beneficial to you

  • exercise/yoga that is best for you

  •  daily routines and natural remedies to begin  

At the end of your consultation you will receive a full pdf report of what we discussed as well as guidelines tailored to your particular situation. These guidelines will contain information on what to eat, how to structure your day, mindfulness practices and lifestyle suggestions to restore and maintain balance, so that you can feel clear, energetic and happy.  


$120.00 CAD for initial consultation


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